You’ve Got to See What a Buddha Board Can Do for Your Students with Special Needs!

You’ve Got to See What a Buddha Board Can Do for Your Students with Special Needs!

I had never even heard of a Buddha Board until about 2 weeks ago and now I’m obsessed!

This thing is so simple, yet so useful for so many reasons. When you are working with students who need some sensory outlet or something that can help give students (or teachers for that matter) a little emotional support, you need to find tools that can help!

Look no further. The Buddha Board is a FUN, FUN tool!   I spent the day with about 70 educators and parents in Tulsa, OK over the weekend and I took the Buddha Board along with menagerie of other materials. I had one participant e-mail a parent about this DURING the conference. Apparently the child in this family would only calm if she could paint.   Now the parents can supply a calming tool without the mess and expense of paints!!!

I found out that the Indianapolis Children’s Museum has Buddha Boards there for students to use some interaction. These also come in a couple different sizes and there’s a range of prices. You might want to check this out!!!

Wanna see the Buddha Board? Take a look!

By the way, THANK YOU to the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa, (DSAT) for sponsoring yet another awesome day with educators and families in the Tulsa area! It was a great day meeting such dedicated people who all want what is best for their students/children. I know I opened a fire hydrant of ideas, materials and strategies on all of you, but I know from your action plans that you will use the ideas from the conference to make a difference! So nice to meet you all! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Buddha board! Leave a comment and share!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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