You Need to Know about Lagging Skills and How They Affect Student Behavior!

You Need to Know about Lagging Skills and How They Affect Student Behavior!

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Have you ever read that one book or gone to that one conference that changed your whole thinking about something? It’s an educational epic moment when you sit and listen to someone speak and you feel as though they are hitting every belief you’ve had on a topic, yet somehow that person brings clarity to the subject to an extent that you wonder why you didn’t see it from the same perspective for yourself!!!

Well that is what happened when I recently heard Dr. Ross Greene speak. When I went to his conference and heard him say “Behavior Communicates”, I wanted to jump up and shout “YEAH!!” Of course I didn’t….. but I wanted to. I knew from start to finish that Dr. Greene had a new fan!

Take a look!

I mentioned two of Dr. Greene’s books in the video, but he has a new one coming out in May called Lost and Found (I’ve ordered my advanced copy 🙂 ).

After the conference, I presented Dr. Greene’s concepts to two of our schools, with a third school’s presentation in the works. The teachers were excited and anxious to try doing an ALSUP on several students and Plan B’s in the works. (I’ll talk about Plan B in a later video!) I also gave our general education teachers a variety of tools, most of which you’ve seen me present in videos: Token Boards, 5 Pt Scales, 2+2, First/Then, Oops!, Verbal Behavior Map, Quick Social Scripts, etc.   Tools that you and I know about but general education teachers know very little about. Tools that seem common to us are a wonder to them!

Well, the teachers are using this ALSUP, Plan B, special ed tools and it’s having an IMPACT. So much so that I emailed Dr. Greene to share our successes! He responded that he was delighted to hear the positive results and asked me to let him know if there was anything he could do in the future to help. Awesome!!! 

SAVE THE DATE!!! For those of you near the Tulsa, OK area, I will be the presenter at an all day conference on Saturday, April 9th!!! Hope to see you there!!!   I always love the opportunity to meet my subscribers!!!

Check it out! 

March is Disability Awareness month. I’d like to think of March as Ability Awareness month. Our students can learn, they can learn and even surprise us if we have high expectations and offer quality curriculum and do instruction with fidelity. We have high school students with moderate disabilities (Abilities) working and getting a paycheck! They’re reading and doing basic math!!! We have students with moderate disabilities (Abilities) in our elementary classrooms reading, communicating and doing math!!! We have students with mild cognitive delays working at a job and on their way to independent living!!!

Go back and look at the video I did on 11/9/14 called, Do You Have a Dream that Your Child with Special Needs Can Live Independently? with Angie Cain, a young woman, with abilities, who is living on her own, working and volunteering her time and actively engaged in a social life.

Celebrate Abilities Awareness month with me and we help our students show the world their abilities!! 

Please leave a comment below and let me know if thinking about lagging skills instead of behaviors will change your approach to behaviors!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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