You Can Help Your Student’s Medical Team Understand More By Doing This!

You Can Help Your Student’s Medical Team Understand More By Doing This!

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a teacher say…..”I wish I could talk to the doctor” when referring to the doctor of one of his/her students.   I’ve even had teachers and therapists go to the doctor WITH parents just to make sure that everything was properly reported to the doctor.

In today’s video, I’ve got a FANTASTIC solution to get this job done without going to the doctor’s office yourself.

Take a look!

When reporting any behaviors to anyone….not just a doctor, it is very important to be operational in the way you report.

Be FACTUAL and nothing more!!!

Stating an opinion or being vague is not effective.

Here are some examples so you can see if you are being operational in your reporting or opinionated.

Instead of saying, “He’s nasty”, you can say, “He picks his nose and eats it”

Instead of saying, “He’s a very sexual kid”, you can say, “He engages in sexual self-stimulating behaviors everyday right after lunch.”

Instead of saying, “She rude”, you can say, “She tells a student in her math class that he is fat and stupid”.

Instead of saying, “She’s hurtful to others”, you can say, “She scratches her peers when they try to take their turn on the computer.”

In each case, I think you can see that when you describe in operational terms what is going on, you have a much better picture of the situation and can then put an intervention plan into place.

Not only does this help to be more thoughtful in your ideas to reduce these behaviors, this operational language also takes the negative emotion out of the problem and is much easier for parents to accept. It also encourages staff to deal directly with the problem and it encourages staff not to be judgmental or emotional when it comes to a student’s behavior.

I would LOVE to know how this works for you!!! Please leave me a comment and let me know if you give it a try and the results!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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