Word Tiles that Help with Capitalization and More!

Word Tiles that Help with Capitalization and More!

You know I love a good visual tool!  I discovered another one this summer that is proving to be both and simple and effective.  It’s a tool for those students that just seem to always forget that sentences need punctuation and capitalization!  
It’s also going to help your students with the phonological awareness component of word awareness.  Some students just don’t recognize that sentences are made up of individual words, so for those students, this tool is golden!
I’ve demonstrated these uses in the video plus more!
Take a look!

I would love for you to try this and let me know if it is as successful as it’s already been for me and my teachers who have started using it!
Keep the great comments coming!  I enjoy hearing from you!
You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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