Who Knew Sensory Tubs Could Be Creative and So Inexpensive!!!

Who Knew Sensory Tubs Could Be Creative and So Inexpensive!!!

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Here we are about to start a new school year!!! I love this time of year because it’s full of promise and possibilities!! One idea that can help make the new school year exciting and successful is a fun and inexpensive idea for the sensory room or for the classroom to meet some of those sensory needs!

There is always someone out there doing something creative yet simple. So simple that after you see it, you find yourself asking….now why didn’t I think of that???!!!

Take a look!

Think about how easy this would be for families to do in their own home! If you own a business, work at an ABA center, or want something for when your grandchild with special needs comes over, this is the ticket! Hours of fun and endless possibilities for sensory stimulation!

Do you remember my video on Squishy Baff and Orbies? If you haven’t seen it, check it out!   You could put one or both of these things in a sensory tub!!!!

If you have ideas for a sensory room/space, please share!!!

For those of you in the Traverse City, MI vicinity, I’ll be presenting again on Friday, Oct 7th for an all day conference. More information on topics for the day, where we’ll be and how you can sign up coming up in future blogs!

I hope I’ll see some of you there!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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