Which is More Important, Lagging Skills or Behaviors?

Which is More Important, Lagging Skills or Behaviors?

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Now that you’ve been introduced to Dr. Ross Greene and one of his tools, the ALSUP, it would be important for you to learn how to use it!

Remember, it’s not the behaviors we want to focus on, it’s the lagging skills that the child has not yet developed. The key to figuring out when the lagging skills occur is to discover the situations during your child’s day that the lack of these skills show up!!!

Take a look!

Once you discover the “when” that these lagging skills appear, we need to see if we can discover the “why” they happen and then put in to place a problem solving process through the use of “Plan B”.

Stay tuned for a quick overview of Dr. Greene’s Plan B in next week’s video!

I can’t wait to hear how you discover the lagging skills in your students!!! Let me know what you discover!!!

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You take care and I‘ll see you next time!



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