What to Do About Face Shields!

What to Do About Face Shields!

For the first time in my life, I’m wearing a face shield!  Not all the time, of course, but there are times when I really have no choice.  I do adult professional development as part of my job, so I need to be able to have people understand what I’m saying.  I am also aware that a face shield alone does not adequately protect you from COVID-19.  A face shield, a mask and social distancing are truly the best, but some protection is better than none.

Our SLPs were having trouble with finding something that will allow them to be visible to students and also have students visible to them for short periods of time.  The solution was face shields and social distancing or face shields for short periods of time

BUT…..where were we going to STORE all of those face shields?????????

Not in the classroom….students would forget them

Not in the classroom    students would cram them in their desks or cubbies

The consensus was to store the masks in the therapy roomTake a look with what we came up with!

If you have other ideas/solutions to how to work with students in training/therapy situations, I’d love to hear your solutions and ideas!

I hope this was helpful!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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