What Motivates Kids? A Mystery Motivator Perhaps!

What Motivates Kids? A Mystery Motivator Perhaps!

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Have you ever had that student that you just could not figure out? No matter what you tried to motive that child….NOTHING worked! That happens, so you need to have a few ideas to pull out in case of this kind of emergency.

Here is a list of things that I keep in my back pocket for these difficult kids:

  1. An interest inventory: What does the student like??? Go through the inventory and ASK.
  2. Watch what the student does when he/she has free time.
  3. Do an interest inventory with the parents. ASK them what their child likes.
  4. Find out who can assist you with this student. If the child is an attention seeker: ask the cafeteria lady, the office secretary, the athletic director to find some kind of activity this child could be of assistance…thus spending time with an attentive adult. I once found a guy who would bring his snakes to school for a student to help feed!!!
  5. Create a token economy for wildly interesting things to earn.
  6. Think outside the box and come up with service learning projects. When people feel like they are making a difference….things change. Right? It’s no different for a child. Perhaps your student could make instructional videos for younger students. Perhaps your student could record himself reading a book for a blind student.
  7. Have a special cabinet in the room where each week new and exciting things appear that students can use or play with once they’ve met their goal.

In today’s video you’ll see a proven strategy to motivate a classroom of students to meet classroom expectations.

Take a look!!!

I jokingly tell staff that every child has his/her price. J   Seriously, we DO have to find out what that currency is. Some students just take a little more effort than others, so hopefully I’ve given you some ideas here today.

Next week, I’m consulting in a classroom for a little darling who runs from staff and is non-compliant. I’m taking a slinky that will shoot up in the air (see my video for using an old fashion toy as a motivator), a crawling tunnel, a bag of toys, a special baby doll, a whale in a pool that shoots water in the air….just to name a few. I’m determined to find out what this little gal’s “price” is.   I’ll keep you posted!

Now I’d like to hear from you. What have you done successfully to motivate a student? Send me at least one idea and I’ll share as many as I can in my blog.

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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