What does a work system look like for students with higher cognitive abilities?

What does a work system look like for students with higher cognitive abilities?

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It’s only August and I’m already seeing students improving on their skills of task completion and independence!  Why?  It’s because their teachers are using work systems!  The teachers’ thinking and planning is not only in the teachers head and plan book, but with a work system, it’s visually clear to the student as well.

We had one student a couple of years ago who ate his lunch at his desk where he normally did his independent work.  When he was finished, he put his lunch tray in his finished basket!   Now I ask you, did he understand the concept of a work system or what???

This week my goal is to demonstrate that work systems are essentially for everyone.  I actually have a work system and you do too.  The only difference between what I’m showing you on my work system videos and what we do as adults, is that our system is more abstract.

When I go to work, when I do projects or run errands at home, I have a work system.  I know what work I need to do, I know how much work I need to do, I know how to tell when I’m done and I know what comes next.  Why shouldn’t students know the same thing?

Once we lay this system out for students, we can go from very basic, as I did in last week’s video, to a more sophisticated and abstract system based on what the students can handle.

Take a look at the video for some examples of how you can use a couple of higher level work systems with your more capable students!

Now that you’ve seen the basics, just think of the possibilities!!!!  This can work at home for family routines or family outings.  Work systems can make it easier for job coaches to help students work in the community!

If you’re having trouble getting independence, task completion, compliance in any area….set up a visual work system and see what happens!

Trust me on this! Work systems make life easier and make

 you look like a genius!  

Let me hear about your successes with work systems! Leave a comment below.


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