Wanna Know How a Squishy Baff and a Handful of Orbeez Can Help You With Sensory?

Wanna Know How a Squishy Baff and a Handful of Orbeez Can Help You With Sensory?

Have I got two cool sensory ideas for you!

Orbeez is the first product I recently stumbled upon that is so much fun!

This is a great alternative to rice, pasta, and sand for your kiddos who love and need sensory!

The box comes with several packages of little seed-like granules that puff up into perfect little orbs.

You get purple, red and white packets.  Fun colors!  It’s best to start the night before with the soaking process since it takes 3 to 4 hours for the puffing to occur.

Once yourr   Orbeez have puffed up, it’s time for fun.  They’re perfectly round, colorful and they bounce!

You can pour, sort, bounce, scoop, roll, squish, and stir to your hearts content!

The second sensory product is Squishy Baff!  Yes, you can use it in the bathtub!  You can use it in a big bowl or plastic tub right in your kitchen or classroom.

With some luke warm water already in your “tub” , just pour the Squishy Baff powder in and within seconds you have a snow cone like mixture that is just fun and Squishy!

Take a walk on the wild side and pour some Orbeez in with your Squishy Baff and ….

 Your kids can pour, squish, mix, drip, and stir their way to sensory heaven!

I found both products at Walmart and some Target stores carry them as well.  They are not edible but according to the package they follow safety regulations.

Teachers, have fun in the last few weeks of school!

Parents, enjoy some summer sensory fun at home!



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