“Wait!” Is This a Concept Your Child With Special Needs Understands?

“Wait!” Is This a Concept Your Child With Special Needs Understands?


“Wait!” Is This a Concept Your Child With Special Needs Understands?

Find Out How You Can Teach This!

Knowing how to wait is a social skill that many children with special needs struggle with.  For parents and educators, sometimes it’s a daily challenge to get a child to wait patiently.

Did you know that research shows that on average, we spend time “waiting” between 45 and 62 minutes a day!  That’s more waiting than any of us want to do.  It’s hard for adults! Can you imagine how hard it is for our children with special needs!  Tantrum city!

Do you have issues getting your child to wait at a doctor’s office, at a restaurant, in line at lunch, or for a favorite toy?  Teaching your child with special needs to “wait” is not hard, yet we overlook the fact that it’s a skill that doesn’t come naturally and must be taught.

How do you start?  You start with the word “wait” or a picture of someone waiting.  Once your child makes a request, offer the picture of “wait” right before you give your child what they asked for.  Your child gets what he/she wants so seeing a “wait” card doesn’t cause any negative responses.

Each time you respond to your child’s future requests, have them wait for a longer and longer period of time.  The visual support of the “wait” card lets your child know what is expected but you have also taught them that they can TRUST that they’ll eventually get what they want.

Sometimes children need a visual “extender” to help them wait longer than they normally would.  Check out my video and see how all of this is done!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  I sure did!  Check out my beautiful flowers in the video!  Those were a Mother’s Day surprise from my amazing daughter in New York and her wonderful fiancé.  Here’s to hoping that by Father’s Day your child will have learned the wonderful skill of waiting so you and your family can go celebrate at a restaurant in peace or if you are in a classroom, your students will have learned to wait quietly in line to go to lunch!


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