Use Picture Notes to Help Struggling Readers with Comprehension!

Use Picture Notes to Help Struggling Readers with Comprehension!

Here we go for 2020!  I’m excited to start a new year of ideas, strategies and resources for you!!  As you know, I’ve been giving tons of information for the past several months for your struggling readers!

I’ve got more reading strategies coming but don’t worry, I plan to continue to include ideas for other areas of concerns for your child/student with special needs! 

Reading comprehension is always the goal and yet there is sometimes a disconnect between what students can decode and what they understand.  We often see this disconnect in students with autism.  We see students who are hyperlexic, which means students can decode quite well but do not understand what they are reading.  In some cases, we have students who can decode reading passages several grade levels higher than the grade they are currently in.

Take a look at how you can help scaffold a gap between decoding a story and remembering both the sequence and the details enough to answer comprehension questions!

I hope this gives you one more strategy to try with your students who need that extra visual support to help with comprehension!

Give this a try and let me know how this works for you! 

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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