Two Visual Supports for Halloween You’re Gonna Want!

Two Visual Supports for Halloween You’re Gonna Want!

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Are you looking for a way to help your non-verbal child participate in trick or treating? Are you also looking for a way to help your child on the autism spectrum understand what is going on when people come dressed up to your house and ask for candy? If you are, you are in for a TREAT!!

Check out this week’s video to see two visual supports for Halloween!!!

Once you’ve discovered the exciting site I mentioned in the video, you’re going to be spoiled!!! Now you’ll have all kinds of visual supports for holidays, celebrations and more!!! Thanks Kristie for the heads up on this incredible site!!!

I want to encourage you to always be thinking about how you can include your child with special needs in on holiday fun. Not only be thinking about visual supports, but don’t forget to use that communication outlet too. Voice output devices can be programmed to say “Trick or Treat”, “Happy Thanksgiving”, “Happy Hanukkah”, “Happy Kwanza”, and “Merry Christmas”, just to name a few!

Your child can practice being a leader at family gatherings by “directing” people in what to do, answering questions about where things are or asking for things that they need to be part of a family project, a celebration or even the clean up! 

Allow your child to do things like: decorate cookies by choosing shapes and frosting colors; make a gingerbread house by choosing what goes where; or tell someone when its time to light the candles. Your child cannot only help make a meal, but can also be in charge of calling everyone to dinner or use a voice output device to say a prayer.

Your child’s participation is only limited by the limits of your imagination, not your child’s disability!!!

I’ve had parents/grandparents of non-verbal children tell me that they never thought of having their child help bake cookies or direct them on how to make popcorn.   They never thought about asking their child who they wanted holiday cards sent to or what they wanted to write in their letter to Santa. I had one grandma tell me she never thought about buying her granddaughter a baby doll. It wasn’t until Grandma saw me put a baby doll in her granddaughter’s arms and saw the child’s reaction that she even thought about buying one for her granddaughter’s next birthday! Grandma was in tears when she admitted to me that she never even considered it until that moment!

Holidays and celebrations can be filled with those precious family memories. Use visual supports and communication outlets to include and enhance those moments for everyone!!!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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