Two Ideas on How to Avoid the Heartbreak of a Picky Eater!

Two Ideas on How to Avoid the Heartbreak of a Picky Eater!

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Do you have a child who is a picky eater? Three times a day you are probably experiencing either a fight then heartbreak or frustration then heartbreak. As a parent you want what is best for your child. Nutrition is part of that “what is best”. How do you accomplish that with a picky eater???

I have a couple of solutions for you. I read years ago that it’s a parent’s responsibility to provide and offer healthy food choices to your child and it is the child’s responsibility to eat it.

With my own children, I cooked the meals, offered them a variety of foods and put it on the table. If they didn’t like what I made, I would tell them, “Take one bite, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it.”   Most of the time they would at least try the food item once. They knew that they wouldn’t be required to eat all of it.

If you take the responsibility away from the child for eating the food and make it your responsibility, the battle begins. It can become a power struggle, and guess who wins? The child of course!!!

Well, that book and the expert were referring to children without disabilities, because for children with special needs, sometimes the struggle for good nutrition goes beyond a simple power struggle. You may be dealing with a child who can’t stand certain smells or hates the way specific foods look. Perhaps you have a child who just cannot stomach the texture of the food or maybe you just have a child who hates change and finds comfort in the exact same foods every day, every meal.

Let’s face it, anything you have to fight for three times a day is exhausting, frustrating and evokes feelings of failure as a parent. It’s hard to shop at the grocery. It’s hard to go out to eat as a family. It’s hard to be guests in other people’s homes. It’s just HARD!   How can you change that???

Watch this week’s video to find out what you can do to give yourself a little piece of mind.

I hope these tips help you navigate your daily, sometimes highly stressful encounter with healthy foods and your child.

Would love to know how you handle this situation with your child! Leave a comment below and perhaps other subscribers will benefit from your creative ideas!!

Here’s to a happier and more peaceful mealtime!

See you next time!


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