To All SLPs, Do You Have This APP in Your Therapy Bag?

To All SLPs, Do You Have This APP in Your Therapy Bag?

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One of my least favorite thing to do when I was working as an SLP was to search for words, phrase, and sentences that contained my students’ target sounds in any and all positions that I needed it. I ended up spending money on little card decks that got boring after awhile and then I’d need another source for ideas to help me with articulation therapy.   Sometimes I would just make my own materials because there just wasn’t anything on the market that suited my needs.

When I’ve recently done some work as an SLP, I would go looking for apps that could help me meet the needs of my student. Today, I want to share with you an app that is, in my opinion a must have in your arsenal of materials for articulation therapy!

Take a look!

There are so many terrific apps out there now that SLPs can use to help make the job easier! If you’ve got an app that you can’t live without, please share it here. I’ve got a large audience of SLPs who would LOVE to hear what you use!

Share, share share! Can’t wait to see!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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