Three Must Have Schedules in the Classroom!

Three Must Have Schedules in the Classroom!

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Do you have assistants who sit around doing everything except what you need them to do? Have you ever momentarily “lost” a child because everyone in the room thought someone else was watching him/her?

These are just two situations that have happened to staff I’ve worked with, making teachers terribly frustrated with the situation.

There are several other pitfalls that can happen in a special education classroom IF the three kinds of schedules I’m sharing with you are not in place.

Take a look!

Have you ever thought about getting rid of spelling tests? Not because you don’t want kids to learn how to spell and not because you expect kids to rely on spell check…..

Because if you teach the rules of phonics, your students will be able to spell over 10,000 words in a year, not 300 words in a year. Teach the rules—don’t have kids memorize decodable words!!!!

There’s no secret, its just knowing where to get this information. I teach Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory decoding strategies to our staff and I use the book, Recipe for Reading by Nina Traub and Frances Bloom (gold cover with people) as a guide for instruction.

In this book, you will see how to teach the short vowel sounds first, then you teach the long vowel sounds via spelling rules. You also learn how to teach multi-syllable word attack that I plan to show you in my next two videos!!!

Stay tuned and watch how much fun and easy multi-syllable word attack can be!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!!!


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