Three Clever Ideas To Solve Three Challenging Behaviors!

Three Clever Ideas To Solve Three Challenging Behaviors!

I know you must have tried a variety of things out of necessity or even desperation when you have a student with behaviors you want to go away. Every time I hear about what someone came up with to help make a problem better, I can only imagine that there are hundreds, even thousands of unique, smart, clever ideas that have been used.

If only we could all share what we’ve tried with a student that was successful!!! A cool idea, yes?   I thought that I would start off with sharing three ideas that actually worked with students in hopes that you will be inspired to share a similar experience that can be shared with others on Behavior Communicates.   Here goes!

Take a look!

Please share one strategy that you’ve tried! I look forward to hearing your great ideas!

Hopefully you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break if you are here in the states! Jerry and I are so blessed to have so many family members who came to share an amazing meal and lots of laughter and fun.

As the holiday season approaches, don’t forget to order a copy of Scripting with Idioms for that teacher or SLP in your life to wrap up and give away!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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