The Wrong Colors and Visual Clutter Can Create Problems You Don’t Need in Your Classroom!

The Wrong Colors and Visual Clutter Can Create Problems You Don’t Need in Your Classroom!

It’s that time of year to really be purposeful when you think about the learning spacefor your students.  Physical structure will work for you or against you. The wrong lighting can set students off as can the wrong colors and visual clutter.

Don’t set yourself up for more stress than you need to.  You want to set your students up for success.  Think more about your teaching space than where all of the furniture should fit.

Take a look!

Now that the new school year has begun, I want to highlight the opportunity to come and see Sarah Ward!  She is an executive functioning guru and one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.  She, in fact, impressed me so much that I urged our school district to host Ms. Ward to come to our Westfield Washington School district so that many others in our area could come and take advantage of her simple yet brilliant strategies.

There are 51 days until the SARAH WARD conferenceand you DO want to reserve your spot now!  It will be the best money you ever spent on professional development!

Check out the flyer I’ve included today for more information on how you might grab your seat!

*You’ll learn how to get students to complete tasks!  Don’t we all want to know how to do that!

*You’ll discover how to teach students to plan with the end in mind with an amazingly simple strategy!

*You’ll learn how to teach students with ADHD how to “read the room” and become more aware of their environment.  A skill your students will need to get and keep that job in the future.

*You will become very aware of exactly how to scaffold for students who need to learn how to do long term projects.  A skill that most of us adults would benefit from!

*You’ll learn the secret to how to help students plan for their time and not waste it.  Imagine that!

SIGN UP TODAY!!! I’ll be there, so please introduce yourselfwhen you see me!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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