The Sandwich Technique

The Sandwich Technique

about-carlaThe Sandwich Technique

Hey there!  It’s Springtime and my tulips are popping up everywhere yet we just had a huge hail storm!!  What’s up with that?  Mixing a little positive with the negative is part of life.  That’s exactly what I want to communicate to you today.

We’ve all had a situation where we’ve not been happy with someone yet we really didn’t want to derail the relationship.  What to do???

If you’re a parent, you may absolutely have to register a complaint to your child’s teacher, but you know that you still need to somehow work together.  How do you handle that?

If you’re a teacher and you have to deliver some bad news to a parent, how do you soften the blow?

Take a look at my video (Hope you like my props!) on The Sandwich Technique and give it a try next time you’re in a sticky situation!  Be sure and watch this till the end 🙂

We all need to work together to figure this out!  Be Kind!



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