The Reading Intervention that You’re Gonna Want for Students with Dyslexia!

The Reading Intervention that You’re Gonna Want for Students with Dyslexia!

I know you want to do the right thing for your students who struggle with reading.  Whether or not they have dyslexia, the fact is, you’ve got a student who is not being successful.  What to do……..?

Several years ago, a brilliant colleague and friend introduced me to Orton-Gillingham strategies.  These strategies work wonders with students who struggle with reading.  The problem is that many educators start to think that the term Orton-Gillingham is a reading program.  It is not.  The good news is that there ARE reading programs available that DO incorporate the OG strategies into their program.

Take a look at one of those reading programs!

Just to be clear, Wilson offers a K-2 program called Fundations that I will highlight in a post sometime soon.  You can always go on their website to explore what they have to offer.  You will see Just Words, designed as an intervention for those students who don’t need an intensive intervention.  You will also see a Fluency program for those students who need only that component.

I know you are already doing great things for your struggling readers, but if you need something specially designed for your students with Dyslexia or just for those students who still are not being successful in your current program, this is the right place to go!

On a personal note:  Jerry and I got to spend the most amazing weekend in NYC for Mother’s Day! My son-in-law works in the One World Trade Center and he treated us with a ride to the top to experience the observatory.  Stunning sights of the Big Apple!  If you ever get a chance to go, the “reveal” is epic!  I think I was the loudest person in the place gasping at that critical moment! I could have stayed for hours just looking at the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson and that NY skyline!  I also got to enjoy three more firsts:  A New York slice, mass at St. Patrick’s, and a Broadway show!  Pretty Woman, the Musical.  I can highly recommend. I’m sure there was an armed guard backstage to take position of that diamond and ruby necklace as soon as the scene was over.  I could see it was the real deal from the sparkle even in the balcony!  The sights and sounds of Brooklyn and New York were unbelievable, but time with my daughter and her husband was the best gift of all!

I wish I would have had time to schedule a meet and great with my NY subscribers!!!! Maybe next time!

You take care and I’ll see you soon!


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