The Best Resource Room Ever UPDATED!

The Best Resource Room Ever UPDATED!

About 4 years ago I asked one of the teachers I work with if she would share with our viewers how she organized her room with structure and visual supports for her students with resource services.

That video to date has had over 56,000 views!

Now, Chloe Diedam has a new and much larger classroom space that she has organized like a pro! She has created a peaceful, functional, and effective space for students to come to during the school day to get social skill training or to reset themselves emotionally.

When I help organize a room, I like to create what I call “rooms within a room” to give the space physical structure. You will see this in practice in today’s video. You will also see examples of visual structure that helps communicate things non-verbally to students as well. Things like visual schedules, the 5 pt scale for emotional regulation, visual supports for the organization of fidgets and supplies, and even a directional arrow to indicate which direction students should swing.

Two mantras that I share with teachers come to mind and you’ve heard me say this before. The first one is….If you have to tell, tell, tell, you need to show, show, show and the second one is …the more behaviors you have, the more structure you need. Chloe’s classroom puts both of these concepts into practice!

Take a look!

On the topic we’re all working for….employment of students with special needs….If you haven’t seen the segment on CBS about adults in the workforce, this is a MUST SEE if you work with students on the autism spectrum or have someone in your life on the autism spectrum!

Let me know what you think!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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