The BEST POTTY TRAINING Book for Children with Special Needs!

The BEST POTTY TRAINING Book for Children with Special Needs!

When you work in special education, you know that it’s important to be prepared for almost anything when it comes to finding different strategies to teach our students.

We know we need to learn how to break down the concepts and teach them in unique ways.  Potty training is no exception!

You may remember a video I did last year where I showed everyone how pictures of the superheroes, Batman and Spider man sitting properly on a toiletwas key to getting one of our students to use the restroom in a more efficient way!  Yes, that really happened!

As summer approaches, I felt like this was a great time to remind all teachers and parents that there are resources out therethat can help with your plan to help a child with special needs become potty trained!

There are many programs in our communities that won’t allow a child to participate unless he/she is potty trained.  This can be a huge frustrationto families, and in many cases, just knowing what to do, can make all the difference!

If you are a classroom teacher who has a student that is not potty trained, you need to check out this resource as well!  Instead of potty training all year, you might just be able to get this challenge out of the way earlyand get back to teaching academics, social skills and other independent life skills!

Take a look!

Don’t fall into the thinking that just because a child has special needs, it is a given that they will not potty train until long after their typical peers.  This book surprised me and it may surprise you and just how early this can happenand should be happening with children with special needs!!!

I hope this helps!  Let me and our other subscribers know what you think!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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