The Best Grammar Resource for Teaching Grammar Using a Multisensory Approach!

The Best Grammar Resource for Teaching Grammar Using a Multisensory Approach!

During the Orton-Gillingham training that I attended during the summer of 2019, I was introduced to some resources that I could tap into to help students learn grammar.  One Fellow-In-Training, an educator working on the last requirements for becoming an official Fellow in the OG approach to reading, joined our cohort for a couple of days.  She drew a simple T chart on the board and said, this is the cornerstone of teaching grammar.  You explain to students that you make a choice if a word is involved with the subject or the verb in a sentence.  All other words fall in behind those two options.  Now why wasn’t I taught that???  Of course, there was more to her presentation, but the foundation of what she showed us made a profound impact on me.

Grammar doesn’t have to be a mystery with all of those prepositional phrases, direct and indirect objects, adverbs, and past participles!  Just as the OG approach to reading takes the mystery out of decoding and encoding and plays fair with new learners, the strategies in today’s resource takes the mystery out of understanding grammar and plays fair with our students.

If you are looking for a simple book to help you help your students to understand and practice good grammar, then you need to take a look at this!

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Did you know that Go Noodle now has a bicultural/bilingual channel?  A shout out to one of or EL teachers, Jennifer Sawa for sharing this information!  Movement is GREAT for all of our students with special needs and now our students who need a resource in Spanish, have it!!

Thank you for your positive feedback from last week’s video on personal sensory boxes!  I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!

If you have an exiting resource for teaching grammar, Please share! You know me, I’m always looking for great ideas, strategies and wonderful resources to share with all of you!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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