The Anatomy of a Conversation for Children with Autism!

The Anatomy of a Conversation for Children with Autism!

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One of the first concepts of math involves understanding the number line and how it works. Right? It’s one of the foundation pieces of math that you just should not skip. It helps students visualize math and it helps the manipulation of math become easier to understand…..because there is a reference point.

If you ask me, one of the first steps in teaching social skills is teaching a child that a conversation has pieces….there is an anatomy involved.

You would be surprised at how many students on the spectrum I’ve taught this to that had no idea that there were three basic parts, and all need to be present if you want to have a conversation. I had a class of third grade boys one summer who actually looked relieved when I told them about the “anatomy of a conversation”. They acted like I just told them the secret to a major mystery of the universe. Once they understood the parts that were needed, they became experts during our role- playing session at holding a conversation with all the parts in tact!!!

Take a look at today’s video and see my foundation piece to building social skills!!!

If you live in the Midwestern states in the US, I wanted to take one more opportunity to encourage you to sign up to see Joel Shaul on September 25th from 8:30-4:00 @ the Lawrence Township Community Center located at 6501 Sunnyside Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46236.

You will get a YEAR of Social Skill activities for children with high functioning autism and Mental Health Challenges!!!

You can sign up at the Indiana Resource Center for Autism. I’ll be there, so if you come, be sure to introduce yourself!! I always love meeting my subscribers!!!

To register, go to:

I also want to let you know that I will be presenting in Traverse City, Michigan on October 2 at the Hagerty Conference Center, 715 E. Front St. Traverse City, MI 49686 from 8-3:30 on Using the Culture of Autism as a Blueprint for Building Social Language and Behavioral Skills!!!!!!

If you live anywhere near that area, come and join in… I’d love to spend the day with you!

You can register with Bonnie Bancroft: 231-238-9394 ext 201

Take care and it would be awesome to see you in either Indianapolis or Traverse City!!!

Thanks for watching!



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