“Teachers Pay Teachers” Meets “Target Dollar Bins” for Lesson Ideas!

“Teachers Pay Teachers” Meets “Target Dollar Bins” for Lesson Ideas!

Don’t you just LOVE the dollar bins at Target? They’re perfect for those secret Santa or secret Shamrock activities at school. They are also perfect for that prize box for your classroom economy or that activity that just requires a little something to make it fun.

Now I’ve discovered that there are teachers, SLPs, and crafty moms on Teachers Pay Teachers site who have not only taken advantage of the Target dollar bins, but have put together lesson/therapy ideas using tiny treasures found there!

Take a look!

If you would like to see this packet in action, you can contact Texas Speech Mom at:

Instagram: https:www.instagram.com/texasspeechmom/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/texasspeechmom

Blog: www.texasspeechmom.com

If you have used something fun or clever from the dollar bins at Target, please share!

You take care and I’ll see you after Spring Break!


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