Take A Look To See If You Qualify As A Packet Princess/Prince!

Take A Look To See If You Qualify As A Packet Princess/Prince!

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Have you ever wondered if you are doing too many paper/pencil activities? Take a look at this week’s video and see if you see yourself in the illustration. I am hoping that you do not qualify for this award!!!   If you don’t, my guess is that you might see someone you know…..

Take a look at the video!!!

If you did see yourself in the video and want to change what you are doing, you can start by doing the following:

  1. Keep yourself in check.   Repeat after me…..worksheets are for review and practice, worksheets are for review and practice, worksheets are for review and practice. They are not for teaching a child anything new!
  2. Identify a teacher or staff member in your building or another building whom you admire and ask to observe/consult with that teacher.
  3. Go online to look for new, innovative ways to teach almost anything!!! YouTube is full of visual information that you may find helpful. Kahn Academy is a highly respected site that teaches students a multitude of subjects. Watch and learn. If you did not have a teacher prep program that was strong in teaching strategies, you can discover other ways to educate yourself to fill in the blanks.

If you know someone who is stuck in this pattern and you have the chance to be in a mentoring role, or if you are in a classroom as a therapist you may have one or more of the following options:

  1. Provide good teaching models as you demonstrate the introduction of a new concept.
  2. Offer to “team teach” a new concept then work out what each of you will do.
  3. Ask if you can “borrow his/her class” so that you can bring in a new teacher or therapist to see how a concept is first presented. Then demonstrate to the new staff member a creative and direct instructional way to teach children new information.

If you are an administrator you can:

  1. Communicate the expectation of quality direct instruction.
  2. Offer a demonstration of your expectation.
  3. Offer to bring in a master teacher to collaborate with your staff member’s permission.
  4. Offer to get your instructor professional development in the areas of concern.

Whatever position you find yourself in, take action and know that what you are doing is in the service of kids!!!

Would love to know your plan of action! Let me hear from you!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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