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Spelling Help You Don’t Want to Miss!

Spelling, spelling, spelling!  The thing that rarely gets taught and the thing that many students struggle with for a lifetime!  Today’s communication that is done via texts and emails is done informally with abbreviations, slang and even a lack of punctuation and capitalization.  Spelling has taken a backseat, yet it is still an important skill that often communicates a certain level of education or lack thereof when communication is riddled […]

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Make Sure You Teach Your Students the “e” Rule and the “y” Rule!

Don’t think that because this is my 4th spelling rule video that there are only 4 rules.  There are actually SEVERAL more as you will learn in future videos! Just like the three previous rules, knowing this one today would have saved me lots of time with my dictionary! Take a look! We are in the middle of a global pandemic that affects all of us.  We would be naïve […]

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