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How To Handle An Angry Parent With Class and Calm!

If you are a teacher, administrator, therapist, or any other professional who works with children who have special needs, you have probably encountered an angry parent.  How have you handled that? Did you keep your cool, but then go back to your room or office and seethe at how you were treated? Setting limits with children is something I’ve been trained to do. I’m guessing that you have been taught […]

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Do You Have a Powerful Tool To Reduce Unexpected Behaviors in Your Child With Autism?

I have a family member on the autism spectrum, so I know what it’s like to be in a social situation where his unexpected behaviors cause awkward moments or even anger toward him at the very least.   I have also feared for my nephew’s safety at the other end of the gamut because his behaviors have been verbally aggressive toward others. I was fortunate to spend some time this summer […]

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How Many Two, Three and Four Word Phrases Can You Make With Just 48 Words?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how many phrases could be made with a core vocabulary board!!! I guess I just never thought about how many combinations you could get! Out on the playground, you can say things like: Push me Go fast Push more I want to stop I want to go And much more! Playing board games, you can say things like: My turn Roll it […]

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Where Can You Find Already Made Materials For Math, CBMs, Dolch Words and MORE?

Have you ever wished that you had an assistant? Someone who would make up practice math problems for every lesson you teach plus a teacher master copy to check the answers? Who hasn’t? The ideal assistant would also make up a list of Dolch words, reading passages for students to practice, writing probes, spelling word lists, a list of student rewards, letter name fluency lists and even generate a reading […]

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Already Made Visual Supports For You!!!

It’s easy to tell a teacher or a parent that visual supports are helpful. It’s easy to say use of visual supports is one of the Best Practices for children with autism. What’s hard is finding the time to find them or make them. Score! In today’s video I am showing you not only WHERE you can find visual supports, but you will also see that the visual supports are […]

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Having Trouble Transitioning Your Child With Special Needs Back From A Favorite Place?

Why are transitions so hard???? Probably because change is hard and transition is about change. One of the best ways to transition a child with special needs from one place to another is to use PART of a favorite object. Check out today’s video to see an example of a simple but effective transition object that I used to get a student from the playground back to class without one […]

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See How An Old Fashioned Slinky Help Your Children With Special Needs Count!!!

Have you ever noticed that some times old things can become new again? Old movies get remade, old songs get recycled and the younger generation thinks some of these old things are actually brand new and totally cool. My daughter’s boyfriend, Nikola, was playing the song, Crystal Blue Persuasion on his cell phone last week and I said, “Oh wow you’re playing Crystal Blue Persuasion!” He said, “How do you […]

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Have You Seen These Free Exercise Videos, Perfect for Children with Special Needs?

I’ve been in special education classrooms long enough to know that when the gym is not available, when the weather is too hot or too cold or when the kids just NEED TO MOVE you need OPTIONS!!! You can get the parachute out, you can get the mini trampoline out, you can start the music and dance or play musical chairs but wouldn’t it be nice to have something that […]

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Simple Cause/Effect App!!!

  Have you ever just been looking for a simple app that you could use as a reinforcer for a young child? There are many good ones out there, so this week I wanted to highlight one that is both fun and simple in its design. Take a look at the video to see how you can incorporate an oral motor exercise with a cause/effect reinforcer!!! Here’s a list of […]

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Do You Know What A Hygiene Station Is?

If you have never heard of a Hygiene Station and you have a child or students with severe physical limitations, then you are in for a treat!!! Gone are the days for most students who have physical limitations that in the past would not allow for parents/staff to do a diaper change anywhere but on a changing table. How has this happened? I give full credit to M.O.V.E International and […]

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