Some FREE Visual Supports for Older Students with Special Needs!

Some FREE Visual Supports for Older Students with Special Needs!

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If you are like me, it’s a rare thing to come across materials, apps, visuals for older students. It can be frustrating because then you are forced to come up with your own stuff, modify things you find for general education or resort to using pictures that look babyish….which by the way, I HATE. In the visuals you are about to see, I would even change the personal space pictures of holding hands, kissing, hugging to be pictures of middle school/high school students before using them for that older population.

Using materials with elementary themes, pictures, storylines reduces the dignity of our middle school and high school students. With that thought, I’m always on the look out for things that can be used for older students.

Check out the video that shows some of the visuals that this company offers for FREE!

Now you can, of course, purchase more materials from this company on a grander scale if the visuals they let you “snack” on are intriguing enough, but I wanted you to at least see what you could get for free!!!

Note: This company periodically posts NEW, FREE downloads so the ones I show in the video are just samples of what they’re offering now. They are quite generous with the number and variety of downloads so I imagine if you keep checking in with this site, you could gather quite a nice collection of visuals for your students!

Stay tuned next week for some more samples that this site has to offer!

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For my subscribers: If you want a download of the Health Notebook I showed you last week, let me know and I’ll send you what you need to make your own!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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