Six Ways to Get Sight Words to “STICK”!

Six Ways to Get Sight Words to “STICK”!

Helping students to learn those difficult sight words can be challenging!  Gone are the days that we have students spell a list of words 10 times for a spelling test!  They only forget all of those words a day after the test!

We can create new pathways in the brain by making instruction a multisensory experience.  Some sight words have parts of them what are decodable, and some of them have more bizarre spellings that always make me wonder who made that decision?????

I have gathered six ways to help you help your students make those sight words memorable!

Take a look!

Do you like my red color theme?  It was Valentine’s Day when we filmed this AND I was talking about sight words (Red Words) so I hope you enjoy the brightness!

Get your students tapping and writing as they spell out loud those words that we all have to memorize!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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