Show Your Students in Early Childhood How Much Fun Brushing and Flossing Can Be!

Show Your Students in Early Childhood How Much Fun Brushing and Flossing Can Be!

Students learn best by doing, you know that!  They learn better when you don’t Tell, Tell, Tell, but when you Show, Show, Show!!

Finding clever ways to teach students important life skills can sometimes be challenging.  I remember leaning about how to teach the importance of hand washing to students with disabilities. 

Soooo amazing!    First you get some oil mixed with glitter.  The students cover their hands in the mixture with the glitter representing “germs”.  You have them touch a few things to show that if they do not wash their hands, the germs spread everywhere for others to touch.

Then you instruct the students to wash their hands with water only.  They will be able to see that the water alone does not wash off all of the germs.  Then you have your students wash their hands with soap and water and they will be able to see all of the germs disappear!!!!

With the threat of people getting sick all over the world, this is a GREAT time to stress good hand washing!

Today I have for you another way to demonstrate to kids how to engage in healthy living.

Take a look at how they can understand good dental health!!

If you haven’t discovered Pocket Full of Preschool, you need to see the other incredible materials listed on the site!  So professionally done and so comprehensive.  It’s one of my favorites on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Stay healthy and I’ll see you next time!



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