See How An Old Fashioned Slinky Help Your Children With Special Needs Count!!!

See How An Old Fashioned Slinky Help Your Children With Special Needs Count!!!

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Have you ever noticed that some times old things can become new again? Old movies get remade, old songs get recycled and the younger generation thinks some of these old things are actually brand new and totally cool. My daughter’s boyfriend, Nikola, was playing the song, Crystal Blue Persuasion on his cell phone last week and I said, “Oh wow you’re playing Crystal Blue Persuasion!” He said, “How do you know about that song?” My response was, “No, how do YOU know about that song, it’s from my generation!” He said, “It is?”

We both just started laughing!!!

He said it was one of his favorite songs! My thought is that if it was a hit back in the day, there was a reason for it. Probably because it was a quality piece, which is why it’s become timeless. Right? I actually think I was bumped up slightly on the cool meter at that moment. NICE!

In today’s video, I’m bringing back a timeless toy that has a new use during circle time. You’ll see how a Slinky can help teach children to count and keep their interest!!! Maybe I’ll get bumped up on your cool meter too after you see this!

Take a look!

Thank you to Vicki Shafer for this inventive and totally cool idea!

This week for my subscribers I want to direct you to the “Parents” tab on home page. Under there you will find an updated list of the ABCs of special education acronyms. Terms change and you need to be using the correct ones. I’ve put in a special tab at the bottom of the list so that you can download the list as a pdf if you like. Use them for yourself, hand them out to parents, instructional assistants, general education teachers, grandparents, administrators etc.

Enjoy and thanks for being part of the behaviorcommunicates community!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!!!


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