See How a 3-D Snowman Can Help Develop Language Skills!

See How a 3-D Snowman Can Help Develop Language Skills!

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Have you ever noticed that when you do most anything in 3-D your kids pay more attention? I’ve brought children’s books alive with objects my students can see, touch, take, give, and manipulate. They pay attention!!!

I can hold the attention of pre-school students with special needs for up to 30 minutes if I go 3-D and make whatever I’m doing interactive. Students of all ages are more engaged if you engage them!!!

In today’s video, you will see yet another example of how a 3-D object can be fun and educational!

Take a Look!

On a personal note: Our home is decorated and shines every night with the anticipation of our kids coming in for the holidays. They’re coming from Brooklyn, Columbus, Milwaukee and Chicago. It is the very best time of the year because we all make a point to get together for love, laughter, and giving to others. Jerry and I are so blessed!!!!

We look forward to continuing to bring great ideas, wonderful resources and training opportunities to you and your child or students in 2016!!!

We absolutely LOVE all of the positive feedback, pictures, kudos, and “aha” moments you share. I need to let you know that every time that happens….it literally makes my day and Jerry’s too. Occasionally I will wonder how or if our videos are impacting people beyond our “studio” and then we’ll get an amazing story of success or gratitude for the information. Jerry and I just look at each other and say, “yeah, let’s keep going!”

May you be blessed with your family and friends gathered around you!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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