Repetitive Patterns: Behavior Issues or Career Path for Our Students with ASD?

Repetitive Patterns: Behavior Issues or Career Path for Our Students with ASD?

Today I am concluding my series on the Culture of Autism!  With this 5thand final component of the culture, you will have insight as to what might possibly be causing behaviors in your students on the autism spectrum.

Think of the behavior you see as an iceberg.  The visible behavior is the tip of the iceberg, but what is causing that behavior is what is lurking below the waters and is the most important thing to pay attention to.

When a student with ASD acts out, ask yourself this question, “What is this student trying to tell me?”  Then ask, “What in his culture is not right?”  Make your best guess as to which of the five components of the Culture of Autism is not being met and then put an intervention into place.  If the behavior improves or goes away, you nailed it!  If the behavior persists, come up with another guess, perhaps addressing a different component of the culture and put in a strategy to address that possible deficit.

As you can see this is often a trial and error exercise, BUT now you have the blueprint to guide your actions and interventions!

Take a look!

I’ve let you in on my roadmap when I’m called in to consult with a student on the spectrum who is having behavior issues.  Now you have it too!  

I’d love to hear a story or two about how this works for you!  If you share with me, with your permission, I’ll share your successes with others!

I can tell you, it works!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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