Reasons and Solutions for Self -Injurious Behaviors

Reasons and Solutions for Self -Injurious Behaviors

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It’s not uncommon for one of our classrooms to have a student who inflicts injury on himself/herself.  The important thing to remember here is that this behavior is no different from any other behavior that a student displays.

Behavior Communicates!

We know that our children/students are trying to tell us something. We just sometimes have a hard time figuring out exactly what that is.

There are reasons that a student has self-injurious behaviors and there are solutions to that behavior.

Take a look at the video to find out!!!

The next time you see your child or your student hurting themselves, I’m encouraging you to ask one more question.

What is this child trying to tell me?

Let’s give all of our children a way to communicate and we can reduce SIBS in significant ways.  Trust me, everyone will be happier!!!

Would love to hear your stories!!  Looking forward to your comments!

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