Real Life Alternative Seating in a Kindergarten Classroom!

Real Life Alternative Seating in a Kindergarten Classroom!

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Don’t you just love it when you take a chance to do something outside your comfort zone and it works! Some of the best things in my life have happened when I was the most frightened at the outcome. Starting my own business and this website was one of those scary “outside the box” experiences that once started I’ve never looked back.

The teacher in today’s video has stepped outside her comfort zone and tried something new, something different in her classroom. She got a grant to do it and has not intention of going back to the way it was.

Take a look!

Even though Mrs. Hoffman has a classroom full of kindergarteners, it only took a week of bouncy ball boot camp to teach her class the rules of using the new and exciting seating in her room.

You should try it!

Speaking of trying something new, I’ve decided to offer an opportunity to meet and greet you, my subscribers, as I travel around to a couple locations this summer. I thought it might be fun to call it Coffee and Questions. So here’s the scoop. We’ve got a couple of events this summer and I thought it would be great to meet as many of my subscribers who happen to live near these locations. What better time to sit and talk, answer your questions about your students, children, and/clients. We could talk about resources, materials and strategies.   It will also be a great opportunity to hear your concerns and perhaps get more ideas on videos that I can do in the future to meet your needs.

On June 18th I will be at the Double Tree by Hilton in South Bend, IN. If you are interested in coming to Coffee and Questions from 10am-12pm, RSVP to me at Let me know your name and the names of those coming with you. There will be no charge for this fun and informal chat! Seating is limited so respond early!!!

On July 8th I will be at the Sheraton in Overland Park, KS from 10am-12pm for another Coffee and Questions. Once again seating is limited so respond early!!

Hope to see you in northern Indiana or Kansas/Missouri.

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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