Planning Backwards is the Key to Executive Functioning Success!

Planning Backwards is the Key to Executive Functioning Success!

I know that this is the third tip from the recent conference on executive functioning I attended, but I can’t help myself!!! So many of our children with disabilities need our help with planning and task completion.

I recently listened to an educator give complicated verbal instructions to a group of children and a couple of things happened. First, several of the boys got in trouble because they weren’t listening and second, several of the students got the instructions wrong. I couldn’t help but wonder if I could have followed the instructions given!!! I believe that if this same group of students were given the instructions for their task using today’s strategy, they would have had less behavior issues and would have known exactly what to do so success would have been assured!

Take a look!

Children with ADD and ADHD struggle with staying focused and on task. Children with autism and down syndrome need visual supports to help scaffold what is expected. We need many tools in our toolbox to help support our students so that they can show us what they can do. Children with dyslexia struggle with written language, so why not go visual with them as well?

Executive functioning strategies are not only good for our children with disabilities, but they are wonderful for our students who have English as a second language and for those students who are in the general education classes, but happen to be slow learners.

Try these strategies with your students or with your own children and see if today’s Done, Do, Get Ready strategy works for you!

All children with special needs can learn, we just have to help them along the way!


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