Outstanding Tier 3 Interventions to Help Older Students Succeed in Reading!

Outstanding Tier 3 Interventions to Help Older Students Succeed in Reading!

The mystery of teaching students how read was solved a very long time ago.  We know how to do it.  We know what it takes. YET we still have students who are lagging behind in their skills.  When a child struggles with reading, we must do something different not just more of the same only louder and more of it.  I was attending a conference on reading several years ago when one of the conference participants asked the speaker what she should do about a student who was failing 2ndgrade.  The speaker said, “You need to do something different.   You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again.  The child has already proven he can’t learn that way.”  The participant just stared at the speaker and said, “Why can’t we just send him through 2 nd grade again?”  The speaker repeated once again, “You need to do something different.”  The participant just stared at the speaker and you could tell that she was at loss.  The problem was that the educator didn’t know what else to do.

Luckily today we have many options of other things we can do!  We just need to make sure we have a plan, execute that plan with fidelity and also make sure that the tools we’re using are of high quality.

Take a look!

The wonderful data I shared in the video comes from an incredible educator and national speaker, Wayne Callender, who is a former school psychologist. He’s a data guy and his data speaks for itself.

I have the unique advantage of seeing what my teachers are doing who work with students with moderate cognitive disabilities.  They have those students reading!  If they can find programs to get their students reading, so can teachers who are trying to help struggling readers still in the general education setting!

I welcome questions about other reading program options for Secondary Students.

For Elementary Students here are other solid programs for Reading:

  1. Reading Mastery (SRA- McGraw Hill)
  2. Horizons (SRA-McGraw Hill)
  3. Early Interventions in Reading (SRA- McGraw Hill)
  4. Read Well (Sopris West)
  5. Read 180/System 44 (pricy but good)

For Elementary Students struggling in Math:

  1. Connecting Math Concepts (K-8 SRA McGraw Hill)
  2. Corrective Math (SRA McGraw Hill)

I hope this is helpful!  Keep finding brilliant ways to “do something different” if the first curriculum doesn’t work for your student!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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