One Little Secret To Change Awful Academic Assignments to Amazing Outcomes!

One Little Secret To Change Awful Academic Assignments to Amazing Outcomes!

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Do you remember when you were in college and the professor let you know the class requirements for the semester?

You got a syllabus.

You found out exactly what was expected and how you were going to be graded, if you were lucky, of course! Then as the assignments loomed, if you were really fortunate, your professor actually gave you an example of an assignment or a project done by a brilliant former student.

This example was now the gold standard of what the professor expected. Right???

The good news here is that at least you got to see what quality and quantity your professor had in mind. You didn’t have to guess and you didn’t have to be humiliated on the project’s due date when your imagined version of an acceptable project didn’t even come close to what the rest of the class had done.

You know what I’m talking about! You knew EXACTLY what was expected and EXACTLY the parts and pieces that you needed to include in your assignment to get that coveted “A” in the class.

Now lets talk about you as the professor. Do you give your students examples of what you expect?

Take a look at this week’s video and see an example of how you can give your students a Concrete Product Example to help improve academic performance.

You’ll get to see an astounding transformation from awful to amazing in one simple assignment with one simple step!!!

Just think of the possibilities that you could do to make this happen for your students!!! I’ve done things as simple as building a tower of Legos as a concrete product example and then gave the student the exact blocks to see if he could replicate my sample.

Use your imagination and see how far your child/children can go to meet your expectations! Don’t make them guess or imagine what you want. Set the bar high then show them where the bar is!!!

Please send me your examples and outcomes from your creative teaching! Can’t wait to hear from you!

See you next time!


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