Looking for a Simple Reading Decoding Strategy That Works?

Looking for a Simple Reading Decoding Strategy That Works?

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Have you ever just wanted something that you could use to help make it easier for your students/child to remember how to decode the symbols you just taught them?

Check out Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading!!!

It’s not a program and it doesn’t teach the rules of decoding like (/i/before /e/ except after /c/) but it makes remembering what sounds go with what symbols easier.

The 44 signs are taught in just or two settings so that the children have all of the information they need.  Then it’s just a matter of practicing the signs when the symbols are presented.

Dr. Tucker’s book, Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading, includes the signs, sample words, an advanced word list, pictures of the signs and a book for students in the back that can be copied for each student to illustrate and read as they learn to decode phonetically spelled words.

Let me show you a few words and how they are decoded using Tucker Signs.  Take a look!

I hope you enjoy this resource!  It’s made a difference for students ages 5 to 90.  Dr. Tucker taught a boy at 19 to read for the first time using her signs.  It can be that tool in your toolbox that will make a difference.

Would love to hear how you fair with this one!  Let me know!

Happy signing!  See you next time!


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