Learn How to ‘Block and Box’ To Help Students with Executive Function!

Learn How to ‘Block and Box’ To Help Students with Executive Function!


Last week you learned about the Wondertime Clock and some fun and useful ways it can help students manage time. This week, I’ve got another treasure from Sarah Ward’s list of tools for help with executive function. If you have a student who just can’t seem to get that homework home or that lunch box in his book bag, you are going to want to see today’s video.

Take a look!

I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Disruptive Child, Lost at School and Lost and Found, will be coming to Westfield High School, Westfield, IN for a conference on behavior on November 18, 2016!   Dr. Greene is an amazing presenter with ideas and strategies that will totally change your thinking on why, when students act out and how we can really find out what is going on and actually teach the skills they are lagging!

You’ve seen my videos of some of Dr. Greene’s strategies and materials. Now you will get the chance to see him in person!!! If you are anywhere near central Indiana or even just over the border in Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky or Ohio, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear what Dr. Greene has to say!

His presentation is sponsored by the Indiana Resource Center for Autism. Here is the link to their site. www.iidc.indiana.edu/pages/irca. Go to Trainings and Events and click on Ross Greene Workshop.   If you are dealing with behaviors and have never heard Dr. Greene present, this is the kind of conference where you get information you will be using for years to come.

Let me know if you have any ideas to help students with executive function!

You take care and I’ll see you next time.


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