IT’S HERE! Scripting With Idioms!

IT’S HERE! Scripting With Idioms!

Well guys, yep I did it! You’ve been waiting a while for me to get this material to you, but it’s here now and somehow it feels like giving birth. Haha! Of course not to a real baby but this project has become my baby. Just like a child of my own, I am anxious to see what this can do in the world to make a difference!

Scripting with Idioms is ready and waiting! I am so excited to bring you this material and can’t wait to hear about your successes! I’ve been sharing with you so many wonderful resources for the past four years that other people have done and now I get to share something I’ve done. I know that Scripting with Idioms can help you and your students as much as it’s helped me with my students!

The idea for Scripting with Idioms was born out necessity when I was working with a high school student on the autism spectrum who was having major problems with reading comprehension. I had to come up with something to help this student really understand idioms, otherwise she was never going to fully comprehend what she was reading. I wrote Scripting with Idioms because I could never find anything out there that allowed students to practice the use of idioms in real life conversations AND it was hard to find the idioms I wanted to use all in one place

Some of you requested a little preview of the Quick Social Responses from Scripting with Idioms before the winter break and I hope you’ve enjoyed that!!   Now you can see how those responses and the scripts all fit together!

Take a look!

Here is the link to so you can just quickly go there and order your copy today!   Just type in Scripting with Idioms and you’re there!!!

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about SWI!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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