Is “Taking Turns” a Problem for Your Child with Special Needs?

Is “Taking Turns” a Problem for Your Child with Special Needs?

Turn Taking is a life skill for children with special needs.  Sometimes we the parents, caretakers and educators find that we need a way to help our child understand how to take turns.  We need to show whose turn it is and when our child’s turn is coming up again.

How can we do that?  Simple.  Go Visual with a large “T” for “turn taking” and place either pictures or names of the people playing.  This allows your child to see when it is his turn and to see how many people he has to wait for before it’s his turn again.

This version is perfect for playing board games and cards, but what about something that has to be shared throughout the day?

How can you use this with chores or at school during a group activity?

Take a look at the video for some ideas!


You can see that adding days of the week or a time component can help make this strategy stretch to other things where taking turns is important!

I just returned from a trip to NY.  I can tell you that the people from NYC have turn taking down to a science!  I can’t imagine how crazy things would be if no one wanted to wait their turn in the subway or in a deli in Little Italy!

I hope you enjoyed this little tip on turn taking and put it to good use!  Thank you for joining me in this journey to help you create a life for you and your child where you both get what you really want and what you really need!

I also want to thank you for sharing these ideas, resources, and strategies with your friends and families!!!

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