Is a Lack of Social Skills the Cause of Negative Behaviors?

Is a Lack of Social Skills the Cause of Negative Behaviors?


It sure CAN be!  Our students on the autism spectrum will have issues with using appropriate social skills.  Sometimes the lack of these skills is the root cause of behaviors.   When you look at the Culture of Autism, the area of social skills is one of the components that make up the culture and it is definitely something you may need to address.

Students with ASD have little interest in social skills.  They aren’t good at it, see no real need for it and spend as little time engaged in it as possible.  Unfortunately for these students, a deficit in the ability to appropriately interact with the people around them can lead to serious misunderstandings and potentially negative behaviors.

What can we do?

Take a look!

I do have some exciting news.  I am putting the finishing touches on my new book, Say What?  I’m just waiting on the cover to be completed!   This book is a combination of teaching those common, everyday foundation scripts that our students with ASD don’t have and then providing them with a social skills game to play AFTER they learn the skill!

All of the social skills games I’ve seen or have used expect our students to know the answers to the questions that are asked in the game, when no one has actually taught them the expectation.  Say What?does exactly that.  It teaches the skills first,by design, before practice of the skills is expected.  Students enjoy the game because they know what to do!

I will keep you posted!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!



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