Intense Language Intervention for Children with Special Needs!

Intense Language Intervention for Children with Special Needs!

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Are you looking for an intervention for language development that won’t cost you a thing? This is basic, yet brilliant and something that many people don’t even think about doing!!!

In today’s video I will share a story with you that involves a language development strategy that I used at work and then tried at home with my infant daughter.

If you try this, you may get some odd looks or some comments like, “What are you doing?” I say go for it because the results are worth it!!

When I say worth it I mean that when you develop language for a child at any age, you are giving the child, the family and educators a HUGE gift, the gift of communication.

Communication, which includes vocabulary development, is such an integral piece in things like reducing unwanted behaviors, building self-esteem, and pre-reading skills.

One of the first things I want in place when I’m dealing with behavior issues is a communication system. Behavior Communicates and when a child does not have the words to use to get his wants and needs met, he will use his body to communicate!

I know with my daughter, Ashlyn, I could, at a very early age, communicate with her and explain things. Likewise, she could easily communicate her wants and needs without using negative behaviors to get what she wanted. I never had to say, “I just wish she could tell me what she wants”.

Developing a communication system will take longer for a child with special needs, but the point is, you CAN DO THIS FASTER! This will happen if we help it along in a more intense way. Just remember, this bombardment doesn’t have to be done verbally.  You can do intense language interventions visually as well.  You can use a core vocabulary board or the Touch Chat app on the iPad.  Whatever you choose, just make sure you give loads of opportunities to hear or see language and vocabulary!

Take a look at the video and see just how I did this!

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This is an awesome blog/site for so many people. If you are an educator or a parent or both, you’ll love this site! Just think about the parents or teachers you could recommend this to! Give it a try and let me know in the comments area what you think! Thank you Kristie Lofland for the heads up on this one!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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