If You Haven’t Seen a Sensory Pea Pod, You’re Missing Out!

If You Haven’t Seen a Sensory Pea Pod, You’re Missing Out!

Do you have a student in your home or your classroom who needs a fair amount of sensory input just to calm down?  Guess what, you are going to be amazed at that this simple tool can do for your child or students.

I know many teachers who work with young children use cube chairs or Rifton chairs to give a child more physical support during things like circle time to help him or her to be able to sit and focus on the activity.

A student in one of our early childhood programs, loved this Pea Pod so much that he literally drug it to circle time, then moved it to a play area, then moved it again and had his snack while sitting in it.  The teacher allowed all of that because it was his first experience with a Pea Pod and because he is a student who needs a lot of sensory.  The wonderful thing was that he actually sat all they through circle time and all the way through snack time because of the Pea Pod!  This little friend loved this new tool so much that he yelled out, “Bye, bye Pea Pod!”as he was leaving to get on the bus!  Doesn’t that make you smile?

Another story I have is of another early childhood student in another class who is brand new and has a high need for sensory.  This student would just dump everything. Anything in a bin or box, he would dump on to the floor.   We recently put a Pea Pod in this classroom and the staff noticed that when this student spent even 10 minutes in the Pea Pod, he didn’t dump things out!    

Take a look and you can see what a Pea Pod looks like!

There are several versions of the product you just saw on the video, but I chose the Harkla Hug Pea Pod because of the air pump that comes with it!   I got it for $79.99 but I did see it on sale for $69.99 one of the times I was looking.

Our early childhood teachers LOVE this and I’m sure you will too.  It has been an outstanding new addition to our classrooms with students with developmental delays. I’m sure if you recommend this to your parents or grandparents to buy for home, you will be the hero once they see what a positive experience this will be for the child they love!

If you give this a try, I’d love to hear how it works for you!!! You’re going to love this sensory tool too, so…..You’re Welcome  🙂

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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