How You Can Use A Super Hero Prop to Stop Impulsive Grabbing!

How You Can Use A Super Hero Prop to Stop Impulsive Grabbing!

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Do you have an impulsive grabber in your classroom, among your young clients or in your household? These kiddos are not thinking when they see something or someone they want to touch. They see it, they grab it.

The question today is, how can we stop that or at least slow it down? Several years ago I had a middle school student who liked to grab staff in frustration or when he would see someone with a zip up jacket. When he saw a half zipped jacket, he was compelled to zip the jacket up all the way to the top!!! He was lightening fast and you just hoped your neck was nowhere near the zipper!!! This was actually unnerving and potentially harmful.

We struggled for a time trying to figure how we could teach personal space. Obviously this student was going to have issues finding and keeping a job if he didn’t get this behavior under control. Then we decided that he needed an immediate visual to help remind him that he needed to respect other people’s personal space.

The solution was that we took pictures of each staff member posing with their hands in front of them, palms up to indicate the concept of “stop, stay back”. We taught him that this meant, “stop, personal space”. Each staff member would wear a picture of themselves posing like this and placed it like a name tag so that it was quite visible.

We noticed that when this student started to grab someone or go for that zipper, he would see the picture of the staff reminding him of their personal space.   IT WORKED!!! He would see the picture and say out loud, “personal space” and stop his movements.

With that experience in mind, we currently have another little guy in elementary school who is a grabber. He is just impulsive and was driving away his classmates.

Take a look at what we did to stop this!

Sometimes it can just be a simple, creative solution that will work. Give this a try and see if you have a Super Hero in your life! 

Please share this video and like it! Hope it works for you!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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