How to Prevent Acting Out Behaviors with Two Simple Tools!

How to Prevent Acting Out Behaviors with Two Simple Tools!

It’s that time of year for families here in the U.S. to gather together and celebrate!  Family time also may include family challenges.  Patience and understanding may need to be on the menu along with a couple of tools in your toolbox!

Likewise teachers need to be hyper aware that at this crazy time of year we don’t want to be the reason a child loses control.

So what tools do you need?  I’ve got two specific tools for you today.  I’ll share one with you here on the blog and the other you’ll see in the video!

The first tool is to watch your body language.

Facial expressions like eye rolling and disrespectful mouth movements could set off a child who is having a bad day or feeling vulnerable.

Crossing your arms, finger pointing in an accusatory way, snapping your fingers, hands on your hips, or turning away from a child when they’re trying to talk are all ways to be disrespectful without saying a word.  If you are doing any of these things, now is the time to stop.

Take a look at the video for my second recommendation or should I say my second caution!

Keep in mind that our children are watching us and will model the positive and the negative.  “You get what you give” so let’s make sure we are modeling our best behavior during those tense situations or those times when children are out of control.

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