How To Know When To Push The Panic Button With A Late Talker!

How To Know When To Push The Panic Button With A Late Talker!

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As you may imagine, I get lots of questions via e-mail and on my You Tube channel about all kinds of things. Sometimes the questions are related to my weekly videos and sometimes the questions are simply about how to handle the challenges that parents/grandparents/teachers/other special education staff/administrators/business owners are going through at the moment.

I enjoy helping you find solutions to difficult situations. Why? Because that means I helped you to make life easier in a situation where most often everyone is struggling. Many times the answer is a simple fix. Sometimes the answer is not a simple fix, but it’s a step in the right direction. Either way, I get to help you make a difference in a child’s life.

I wanted to highlight a couple of Q & A’s that I’ve done recently in hopes that if you have the same questions, I end up answering your question too!

The first is from a viewer who wrote: “Hey Carla, I’ve got a spitter. Used to be he just spit into the air. Now he’s spitting in my face. I am looking for a spit guard to hold up or wear, so he doesn’t get spit in my eyes. Any ideas?”

Here was my response: “I just had a teacher talk to me last week about a spitter she has. I have an option for you. Go to and look for Paulson Spit Shield. It’s $23.99. They sell spit masks on other sites but those are more for police officers.”

I also asked, “What do you think he is trying to say at the moment of the spit? You know me, I’m also going to ask what his communication system is. We’ve had great success with Touch Chat on the iPad or if you want something low tech, the Hamilton Boone Madison website has core vocabulary communication boards already made for you that you can download and laminate.”

I also wanted to share another question from a grandmother who has some questions about her grandson who was making slow progress with his speech skills. 

Take a look at the video about a late talker and you can see what I suggested!!!

As I mentioned in the video, I will take questions from you and do my best to answer them either via my blog or in a video when appropriate.

Thank you for watching!!!

You take care and I’ll see you next time!


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