How To Handle An Angry Parent With Class and Calm!

How To Handle An Angry Parent With Class and Calm!

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If you are a teacher, administrator, therapist, or any other professional who works with children who have special needs, you have probably encountered an angry parent. 

How have you handled that?

Did you keep your cool, but then go back to your room or office and seethe at how you were treated?

Setting limits with children is something I’ve been trained to do. I’m guessing that you have been taught to do the same. Setting limits with the bad behavior of an adult is a whole different story!!! This is a muscle that many people do not exercise. It makes us uncomfortable so we just avoid doing it.

Here’s the question I like to ask. Why do we allow irrational, immature behaviors to occur when an adult is involved? When we do nothing, we teach that person that their poor social choices are acceptable. As a result, what do they do? They keep doing it!!!

We end up bullied, and tiptoeing around these ill-mannered people with every encounter. I know I’ve addressed “parents” in this blog, but actually the strategy I’m sharing with you today is appropriate and effective for any adult who is a bit out of control.

One of my best friends has a father-in-law who has been, lets say “challenging” for as long as she’s known him. She recently shared with me how he treated her at a family gathering she was hosting. As she walked by him he said in a nasty, condescending way, “Get me some ice!” My suggestion to her was to use the strategy in the video.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that we’re the ones who feel bad about saying or doing anything to the people who behave like this, yet they are the ones doing something wrong!!

This needs to change….but how? You put the ball squarely back in their court and give them a choice.

Take a look at the video and see how you can do this with style, grace, class and professionalism.

Now that you know the strategy, can you imagine what I told my friend to say the next time her father-in-law demands some ice or anything else?!!

Once you start exercising this muscle, it gets easier with every use.

I can tell you this, I’m not afraid of setting limits on poor behavior in children or adults. They get the picture… quickly.  🙂

Let me know how using this secret weapon works for you!!! Can’t wait to see how it goes!!

Take care and Ill see you next time.


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